Denver, Colorado | Wedding

Denver, Colorado | Wedding

Meet the kindest, silliest couple.

Joe & Quinn.

Joe & I actually go way back. Well, like only 8 years back, but for a 25 year old that's way back. So when Joe asked me to shoot their wedding in Colorado this year, I immediately said yes! Joe is a thoughtful friend, a talented musician and the kind of man who will occasionally show up to your Christmas party in his Christmas boxers. Yes, folks... Christmas boxers are totally a thing. & yes Joe, I am telling the world about this... sorry. :)

Any who, as you can tell by my description, Joe is the guy everyone wants to be friends with! But, then I met Quinn. Quinn is the kind of girl that you meet and immediately feel like you've been friends forever. She is smart, funny, loving; not to mention beautiful. After meeting her my first thought was, "That is the kind of girl that I want to be like." She inspires those around her with her wit, electric personality, and love for others. You've probably heard the saying "they were made for one another." But if that statement has ever applied to anyone, it would be these two. The way that these two complement one another astounds me. So it's only fitting that they tie the knot on the most perfect day.

Their first look took place in the mountains near Denver. Joe cried, Quinn cried, I CRIED, EVERYONE CRIED. The day was THAT perfect. Sweet Quinn presented Joe with not one, but TWO bottles of Pappy Van Winkle, a whiskey that is very expensive and really hard to find. She searched for months for just one bottle and then ended up winning a whiskey lottery and was able to give Joe two bottles! Thank you Jesus for whiskey! 

After the ceremony, they partied the night away at the Mercury Cafe; a hip little cafe/dance club in downtown Denver. Their first dance was complete with an aerial lift and some sweet monkey moves. This wedding was wild, sweet and fun.

Thank you Quinn & Joe for letting me capture your perfect day!

You two are the best.




We had such a great time on their wedding day, we decided to meet up the next day as well. 

We made our way out to the mountains in Colorado for a day after shoot! We settled into the same spot that Joe once took Quinn to for a picnic on Valentines Day. The scenery was absolutely breath-taking! The sweet melodies of Bon Iver were playing in the background, while Joe & Quinn snuggled, danced, laughed, and cried together. I got to capture just some of the sweetest moments in the first 24 hours of their marriage, and I was reminded (as I am time and time again) just how grateful I am that this is my job.

Now, let us continue to fawn over Joe & Quinn, they deserve it…


Katie Wilke